Who we are

Coferasta was founded In 1965 by a group of local farmers. Their aim was to cut down the time from hatrvest to table and to allow the fruits and vegetable to arrive fresh at their end destination. It was created around a ‘price down and up’ Auction system.
Today, our ever-growing business has led us to become the largest and most important auction nationwide. We at Coferasta pride ourselves on being 100% Italian, high quality, fresh fruit and veg and we can meet this daily challenge thanks to our commitment to optimizing the times of "production to distribution”.
Our Auction clock symbolises the guarantee we believe our customers deserve fruit and veg harvested, delivered, sold and then sent on to their final destinations within 24 hrs.

We can boast the trust of 900 farmers that bring over 45,000 tons a year to us and is sold to over 400 buyers, including Italian and European supermarkets, distributors and specialized fruit and vegetable shops. Coferasta also offers a service of Industry Fruit sales, whereby Famers bring theirsecond-rate product to be sold on to the major Italian and European processing industries.

The SBB Service Center is located a few km from our main San Martino site and deals with the import of seasonal fruit and vegetables and the export of national products to foreign markets.